About PIF

The Protecting Immigrant Families, Advancing Our Future (“PIF”) campaign, is made up of hundreds of diverse organizations. The campaign’s structure has allowed us to develop innovative advocacy strategies, distribute educational resources, and keep allies informed of all the current and potential policies that impact immigrant families. We created multiple ways for organizations to participate in this work with options for those with limited capacity and those with more resources. Below is a chart of the of the PIF Campaign operation and all the different groups and channels of communication that keep our work grounded.

In 2018, the campaign generated popular opposition to the Trump Administration’s public charge proposal. Our goal was to generate 100,000 public comments. By the end of the public comment period, more than 266,000 people and organizations submitted comments – the overwhelming majority of which opposed this proposal. This was only possible through our diverse coalition of partners and hard working advocates from all over the country engaging in unique ways with their communities. Here are a few examples of the work that contributed to the PIF campaign success:

  • Public Education & Community Outreach – PIF partners lifted up immigrant voices and organized protests, developed community education materials, and organized community members to fight back and share their stories.
  • Partnering with Diverse Coalitions – PIF partners empowered communities through story advocacy, brought in new diverse partners and community leaders, reached across the aisle, and engaged grassroots community organizers.
  • Working with Service Providers on Public Charge – PIF partners trained advocates, providers and community members, developed screening tools and educated enrollment workers, held webinars, and engaged community leaders to speak with state health organizations.
  • Working with Federal & State Public Officials – PIF partners participated in OMB meetings and legislative working groups, encouraged elected officials to speak up, and helped pass county resolutions and engaged state agencies.
  • News Coverage and Social Media – PIF partners elevated the profile of the threat and leveraged social media, engaged different types of media, and served as a resource and advisory role for media outlets.