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* Reuters reported on May 3 that the Trump Administration is preparing regulations that would allow the government to deport lawful permanent residents and other immigrants if they utilize any of an array of public programs aimed at reducing illness, hunger, and poverty. For more information read our PUBLIC CHARGE & DEPORTATION FAQ for Advocates and Community Members.

Public Charge

Analysis and Updated FAQs on the Proposed Public Charge Regulation (PIF Campaign)
DOCUMENTING THE HARM: Trump’s Public Charge Proposal is Hurting Immigrant Families NOW
Examples of Who Public Charge Applies to (PIF Campaign)
Fact Sheet: Public Charge (CLASP)
Fact Sheet: The Impact of Public Charge Rule on Children (CLASP)
State Level Fact Sheets: The potential impact of the rule for select states (PIF Campaign)
Public Charge 101 Webinar Presentation

Comments in Opposition to Public Charge

Take a moment to review a few of the 260,000+ comments submitted by organizations, foundations, policymakers, and state agencies in opposition to public charge. Please feel free to use our Public Charge Sector Opposition Fact Sheets resources in your advocacy.

Public Charge Sector Opposition Fact Sheets 
Members of Congress Oppose Public Charge
State Policymakers Oppose Public Charge
Mayors Oppose Public Charge
Food Banks and Anti-Hunger Organizations Oppose Public Charge NEW*
Community Health Centers Oppose Public Charge NEW*
Housing Organizations Oppose Public Charge NEW*
America’s Leading Health Plans Oppose Public Charge
Education Groups Oppose Public Charge
Public Health Groups Oppose Public Charge

Comment Libraries
Sector Comments in Opposition to Public ChargePlease note that this list is being continually updated. If you have questions or would like to have your comment listed, please email Ignatius Bau.
Library of Organizational Comments
Library of State and Local Comments
Library of US Senators and Members of Congress Comments

Related Policies that Impact Immigrant Families

Public charge is just one of many attacks on low-income families, immigrant families, and communities of color by the Trump Administration. Below are more policies that seek to make life more difficult for low-income immigrant families by restricting their ability to access basic programs that safeguard their health care, nutrition, housing, and economic security.

Analysis of the U.S. State Department’s Changes to the Foreign Affairs Manual (PIF Campaign)
FAQ: Understanding the President’s Memorandum on Enforcing the Responsibilities of Sponsors (NILC)
Analysis of the Reference to Public Benefits in USCIS’s Notice to Appear Memo (NILC)
Analysis of Department of Homeland Security’s Sensitive Locations Policies (PIF Campaign)
Proposed Changes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (NHLP & NLIHC)
Proposed Changes from the Social Security Administration (PIF Campaign)
Proposed Changes to the Fee Waiver – Comments from NILC, CLASP, and ILRC



The PIF Campaign has compiled the latest research, reports, and studies that show how the proposed public charge regulation and related policies would harm immigrant families and workers, public health, and our economy.

2019 Key Research

2018 Key Research

For additional research related to changes to public charge policy or immigrants access to health care, nutrition, housing and other public programs, click here (updated April 2019).