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Materials are being updated. When materials are updated it will be indicated with an August 2019 date. Please go to our home page for more information on important developments on public charge.

In 2019, the Protecting Immigrant Families (PIF) Campaign is dedicated to providing more community-facing materials on public charge to help better equip immigrants with what they need to know to make the best decision for themselves and for their families. Resources in languages other than English are below.

For People Working with Immigrant Families:


Let’s Talk About Public Charge UPDATED AUGUST 14, 2019*
(Learn more about what ‘public charge’ is and how we can talk about these changes with immigrants PIF Campaign)

Getting the Help You Need UPDATED AUGUST 14, 2019*
(See how ‘public charge’ will impact you based on your immigration status, and what you should do – PIF Campaign)

You Have Rights – Protect Your Health
(An overview for mixed-status families when it come to going to the doctor or enrolling in health insurance – PIF Campaign)

State Public Benefits Charts and Interactive Map of Benefits Eligibility
(Resource for immigrant advocates, health service providers, and legal service providers – Developed by the National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project)

A Guide to Creating “Safe Space” Policies for Early Childhood Programs
(Resource for early childhood programs and advocacy organizations – Developed by the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP))

Fee Waiver Community Alert
(Learn about changes to the fee waiver process for immigration applications and how to apply for a waiver – Developed by Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC))

Immigrant Self Sufficiency Fact Sheet: How Benefits Can Help
(Learn how benefits like SNAP, Medicaid and housing assistance can improve family stability and help you thrive – Developed by the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute)

Counseling Clients on Public Charge and Public Benefits
(Resource for immigration attorneys – Developed by New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC))

Screening Tool and Attorney Referral Information
(Resource for community-based social services and advocacy organizations – Developed by Legal Aid Society, Empire Justice Center and Make The Road – New York)

Resources in Languages Other than English

Let’s Talk About Public Charge | Chinese (PIF) *NEW*
Getting the Care You Need | Chinese (PIF) *NEW*
You Have Rights: Protect Your Health | Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Korean, Vietnamese (PIF)
Fee Waiver Community Alert | Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean (ILRC)

Additional Public Charge Resource Pages