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Take action to protect immigrant families


PIF partners and allied nonprofits can use any or all of these resources to urge the Biden Administration to improve upon and finalize proposed improvements to DHS public charge regulations:


  • Organizational sign-on comment — National, state and local organizations should sign this letter! It signals support for the aspects of the NPRM that improve protections for immigrant families, and outlines our recommendations for improvements on the proposal. Circulate this broadly to partner organizations.
  • Template comment — For organizations working to submit detailed and unique organizational comments. These comments will provide an administrative record that can support key elements of the final rule if/when it is challenged in court.
  • Petition comment — For partners who want to provide a way for directly-affected and allied individuals to send a unified message to DHS, without slowing the regulatory process. The petition comment is available in 9 languages (including English).