Tell the Biden Administration to Protect Immigrant Families

The petition below will be sent to the Biden Administration. This petition will be part of the official public record on the Department of Homeland Security’s proposal to change the “public charge” regulation. If you sign on, the Administration will only get your name as you enter it below. It will not get any additional information about you or your family. اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ
Kreyòl Ayisyen
Tiếng Việt


We urge you to quickly finalize the proposed public charge regulation. We ask you to improve protections for immigrant families by ensuring that safety net programs never affect immigration applications.

As drafted, your proposal would do a lot to protect immigrant families and the nation because it:

  • Assures eligible immigrant families that they can use safety net programs without immigration concerns
  • Makes it harder for future presidents to radically change public charge policy, and
  • Clearly states that:
    • A child’s or other family member’s use of federal safety net programs never affects immigration applications
    • Medicaid is safe for eligible immigrant families to use for any other health care need besides long-term institutional care
    • SNAP, WIC, the Child Tax Credit, Section 8, and other “non-cash” federal programs (and state- and locally-funded versions of those programs) never affect immigration applications

Immigrant families like ours fuel the economy. We work in every industry, including healthcare, construction, caregiving, manufacturing, service, and agriculture. We open and successfully run businesses at high rates. We create jobs for millions, and we contribute to the arts, culture, and government. We provide new traditions, customs, and viewpoints. We are essential workers helping to keep our economy afloat during the pandemic.

More importantly, we are moms and dads, brothers and sisters, coworkers, neighbors, and friends. Like so many before, ours are immigrant families. This nation stumbles when we fall and succeeds when we thrive.

To protect immigrant families and the nation, the final regulation must ensure that current or past use of federal, state, and local safety net programs have no effect on immigration applications. We urge you to make that improvement and publish a final regulation as soon as possible. Thank you for your leadership and for considering our comments.