Take Action to Protect Immigrant Families

Thanks for urging the Biden Administration to finalize regulations that protect immigrant families and the nation from abuses like those we saw under Trump. There are 3 more things you can do right now to protect immigrant families:

  1. SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE  Sharing your family’s experience with anti-immigrant policies during the pandemic or your views on why it’s important to protect immigrant families can do a lot. We will not share your story as part of the official regulatory comment that goes to DHS, but it can help us make the case in Washington and in other advocacy efforts. Click here to share your experience.
  2. PUSH CONGRESS FOR ACTION  For 25 years, the “five-year bar” has denied lawfully-present immigrants with green cards and their families access to the health and social services safety net for their first five years in the U.S. Legislation to lift the bar has been languishing in Congress for six months, and securing more co-sponsors is the best way to move it forward. Click here to urge your representative to lift the bar.
  3. SHARE ON SOCIAL  The more names we get on the PIF petition, the more support DHS sees for regulations that protect immigrant families. Click here to send a tweet and remember to tag 5 people who should sign the petition.