Specialized Resources for Advocates and Service Providers

This page includes additional resources created by the PIF campaign and our allies.  These resources have been reviewed and vetted by PIF staff. As you develop your own materials to meet your community’s needs, we encourage you to take inspiration from these great examples.

Screening Tool

Created by our partners with PIF California, we encourage you to share this helpful screening tool with immigrant communities. This tool was developed by benefits experts and immigration lawyers to help communities understand if there is a public charge test for their immigration plans or status.

  • Go to keepyourbenefitsCA.org (English)
  • Go to TusBeneficiosPublicos.org (Spanish).
  • You can also access by text at 650-376-8006.
    • Text ‘benefits’ for English
    • Text ‘libre’ for Spanish
    • Text ‘福利’ for Chinese
    • Text ‘lợiích’ for Vietnamese

Resources by Issue Area

Immigration Status-Specific Resources

  • 5 Facts on Public Charge – Immigrant Legal Resource Center. Information for green card holders, undocumented immigrants and people applying to sponsor a family member. 

Resources for Working with State/Local Agencies

Communications Resources

Additional Public Charge Resource Pages