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Tell Congress: Deliver a COVID-19 health and stimulus bill that actually works for immigrant families

Our nation is facing a pandemic that threatens our health and livelihoods. To make matters worse, the Trump administration’s “public charge” regulation has already deterred countless immigrant families from getting the health care, nutrition, and economic supports they need.

We are all in this together. That means we are all harmed by public charge and when immigrants are excluded from our health care system. But the laws that Congress has enacted to respond to the COVID-19 so far leave immigrant families out from critical programs. Among the most important lessons of this pandemic is that we are all interdependent. Health care and economic stimulus policies that exclude immigrants leave us all vulnerable.

That’s why it’s crucial that Congress pass legislation that supports basic needs for immigrants and their families, and eliminates barriers to health screenings and treatment in Medicaid, and The HEROES Act, passed by the House of Representatives, is a critical step forward to a COVID-19 response that works for all of us.

The Senate is expected to act on legislation in July, but there’s a real risk that they will leave out millions of immigrants and their families. Take 1 minute to ask your Senator to do the right thing: pass an inclusive COVID response now, to ensure that we are all safe, healthy, and have the economic means to thrive.

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