Take Action

Want to take action now? Below are opportunities to speak out against recent proposals from the Trump Administration that would harm immigrant families.
This list will be updated on a regular basis. We also recommend that you get involved with the PIF campaign to stay up to date on new threats and advocacy opportunities.

Comment Period Re-opened on Proposed Fee Waiver Rule Change

USCIS is proposing to eliminate the use of a means-tested public benefit in receiving a fee waiver. This change would affect nearly 245,000 immigrants who apply each year for the fee waiver.  (Note: Fee waivers are available when applying for naturalization and a whole host of other applications for immigration benefits).  If implemented, these changes would make the process for applying for a fee waiver more burdensome and dramatically affect the ability of low-income applicants to obtain fee waivers, as providing such evidence is the most commonly used approach by applicants. The comment deadline is May 6, 2019.

What you can do:
  • Our partners at Asian Americans Advancing Justice have created a comment microsite to make it easier for comments to submit partners. Please help them lift up this site by sharing the microsite link. CLINIC, ASISTA and ILRC have developed additional comment resources.
  • Submit your comment and share these resources widely!