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Tell Congress: No federal funds for Trump’s “public charge” rule

The Department of Homeland Security’s “public charge” regulation is nothing more than a “wealth test” on immigrant families who are seeking a healthy, stable future in the U.S. It means that if you aren’t white and wealthy, you aren’t welcome in the U.S.

If this rule is implemented, families will be forced to choose between health care, food and homes, and a safe, stable future in the U.S. because using life-saving programs — like SNAP — could threaten their pathway to a green card in the future.

It’s up to Congress to do its part to stop this.

Congress has the power to take the teeth out of this cruel plan by refusing to allow federal funds to be used to punish people for taking care of their families. Join us in the fight and tell your legislator: It’s time to step up and protect immigrant families.

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