New Member Working Groups Sign-Up

PIF active members are encouraged to join one of the coalition’s working groups. Working groups bring members together around areas of shared interest or expertise. Working group members have the opportunity to shape the coalition’s work in these areas and our community engagement and advocacy strategies.

  • Federal Advocacy: Explores federal policy and advocacy opportunities to protect immigrants in legislative and budget battles. Cultivates Members of Congress as champions and spokespeople; Develops federal legislative strategies.
  • Policy and Legal Analysis: Brings together legal and policy experts at to provide analysis of proposed and implemented policy changes. Connects legal strategies that are moving on parallel tracks. Leads the coalition’s federal administrative advocacy.
  • Research: Convenes scholars engaged in relevant research agendas. Synthesizes existing scholarly literature to make data accessible to advocates. Identifies gaps in current research agendas.
  • Communications: Develops coalition communications strategy and materials, including media outreach and digital communication. Collaborates with other relevant working groups on advocacy and community engagement communication.
  • State Policy: Brings together state advocates and legal and policy experts to provide analysis and develop strategies to mitigate the effect of federal policy changes like public charge and other related threats, and affirmatively advance policies at the state and local level that protect immigrants and their access to basic needs programs through state or local laws and administrative policy. Coordinates among state and local groups and shares best practices on how to influence state and local policymakers. Creates and disseminates educational materials needed for advocates, service providers, allies and immigrant communities.
  • Community Education: Convenes state and local groups that are grounded in community to share best practices and approaches on how to educate and empower community members on their eligibility to public programs. Serves as a space to provide feedback on what’s happening on the ground as well as a place to share resources and messaging that is needed by service providers and advocates that serve impacted immigrant communities.

Use the form below to join as many working groups as you’d like. If you have questions about the working groups, please contact Ed Walz. If you have a colleague who might also be interested, click here to send an email encouraging them to join.